(374) Identification of English Styles on the Basis of Parts of Speech: A Case of Principal Component Analysis and Factor Analysis

Anastasia Gnatciuc, Hanna Gnatchuk

GLOTTOMETRICSIssue 48, pp 52 – 66 (2020)


The present study is concerned with the identification of English styles in terms of D. Biber’s proposed dimensions (1988). In this study this identification is relied upon the data about the parts of speech. Moreover, we are interested in detecting the relationships between the styles (belles-lettres, official, news scientific and miscellaneous styles), on the one hand, an  their subsections (editorial, romance, adventure, learned, reviews, etc.) in the Brown Corpus in terms of three dimensions: “involved (interactive) versus informational production”, “description versus reporting” and “narrative versus nonnarrative”. The Brown Corpus texts were accessed in Python 3 (environment Anaconda) by means of the tagged algorithm. The results were statistically processed in R-Studio Program.

Key words

English genres/styles, parts of speech, stylistics, corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, statistics, dimensions.