(386) English Loanwords in Mongolian Usage

Minna Bao, Saheya Brintag, Dabhurbayar Huang

GLOTTOMETRICSIssue 50, pp 27 -41 (2021)https://doi.org/10.53482/2021_50_386


Many authors have examined the influence of loanwords in languages using statistical methods. However, English loanwords in Mongolian are rarely studied in quantitative linguistics. The results of the present study show that English loanwords in Mongolian share the universal feature of other tested languages, as their frequency distribution abides by Zipf’s Law. In addition, we define and test nine English loanword models depending on borrowing method and parts of speech, and find that the results can be described using a power function.


Mongolian, English, loanwords, quantitative linguistics, modelling.