(377) Nominal vs. Adjectival Adnominals in Russian Fiction: Relationship and Distribution

Sergey Andreev

GLOTTOMETRICSIssue 49, pp 1 – 12 (2020)


The article studies the relationship between adjectival and nominal adnominals (nouns in attributive function) in Russian prose fiction. The corpora include the works of six Russian female writers whose novels represent two different genres – literary fiction (belles-lettres fiction) and genre fiction (entertaining fiction). The results obtained demonstrate that all the authors follow similar implicit rules of setting the same relationship between the two classes of adnominals, irrespective of the genre and the period of the writers’ creative activity. The Zipf-Alekseev function proved to fit well the distribution of distances between adjectival adnominals in the texts. The counts of distances between them corroborated Skinner’s hypothesis.


Distribution, adjectival and nominal adnominals, Zipf-Alekseev function.