(378) Polysemy of Rhyme Words: A Case Study of Two Slovak Poems

Natália Kolenčíková, Michal Místecký, Gabriel Altmann

GLOTTOMETRICSIssue 49, pp 13 – 31 (2020)


The goal of the article is to count and measure polysemy of rhyme words. The corpus of the research will include two poems by Andrej Sládkovič, a Slovak Romantic poet – Marína (primarily) and Morava (secondarily). The research is carried out on the basis of rank-frequency distributions, which are very well capturable by the expontential function. This proves the tendency of using one-meaning words in rhymes much more than those with multiple meanings.


Andrej Sládkovič, exponential function, Marína, Morava, polysemy, rankfrequency distribution, rhyme words, Slovak.